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The Islamic Religion (Deen)

The Islamic religion is the religion with which Allah sent the
Prophet Muhammad sealing thereby the religions
perfecting it for His servants completing upon them His bounty and
chose it for them as a faith. No other faith or religion other than
it will ever be accepted. Allah has said
“Muhammad is not the father of any man among
you but […]

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Belief in Qadar

The Arabic word “Qadar” means the Divine Measure1
with which Allah has ordained and decreed with exact calculations
for everything in creation according to His Eternal Omniscience and
His Sublime Wisdom that encompasses eternity.
Faith and belief in Qadar comprises four

The belief that Allah has knowledge of everything in the
universe with all the minute details of its occurrences in […]

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Objectives of Islamic Belief and Creed

The Arabic word Hadaf (Objective) has several meanings: an
object which one takes aim at and shoots at; an object of want and
The objectives of Islamic creed can be defined as those noble
purposes which one aims to achieve by believing in and adhering to
it. They are many and some of them are as follows:
The first objective: […]

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Belief in the Last Day and Resurrection

The Last Day is that enormous event when everyone will be
resurrected from death to the accounting and reckoning to be asked
about their deeds: to receive either reward for their good deeds or
punishment for their evil deeds. It is called “the Last
Day” because it is the final day and the end of earthly time.
This is the […]

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The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed

Pillars of Īman (Creed and Belief)
The religion of Islam as explained above is comprised of Aqeedah
(creed faith and belief) and Sharee’ah (revealed laws). We
have mentioned some pillars of the Sharee’ah above. The
pillars and fundamentals of Aqeedah are to believe in:

His Angels
His Books
His Messengers
the Last Day and
Qadar (Divine Will) both its good and evil consequences.

These pillars […]

Detail... The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed

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