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Belief in the Messengers and Prophets

The Arabic word “Rusul” is the plural of
“Rasool” which means a messenger sent
to convey a message. In religious Islamic terminology a Rasool is
the man who receives a divine code of law and is commanded by Allah
to proclaim and convey it to the people.
The first of the Messengers was Nooh (Noah) and the last one was
Muhammad […]

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Belief in the Angels

Angels are creatures that are unseen by us who worship Allah.
They do not have any of the traits of divinity or lordship. Allah
created them from pure light and gave them the inflexible and
innate inclination to always obey Him. They have great powers to
execute whatever they are commanded.
Allah the Most Exalted said:
And those who are near […]

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Belief in Allah

Belief in Allah comprises four aspects:
The First Aspect: The belief in Allah’s existence. This is
established by:

Al-Fitrah (the natural pure inclination towards the truth)
Al-Aql (reason and analysis)
Ash-Sharee’ah (revelation and scripture)
Al-Hiss (physical senses).

The proof of al-Fitrah concerning Allah’s
existence is that every created being innately believes in his or
her Creator without any preceding instruction dogma or thought. No
one […]

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What is required of you in Ramadan?

Know! O my Muslim Brother that Allah has made fasting obligatory upon us so that we worship Him doing so; (therefore) so that your fast is acceptable and beneficial (to you) be aware of the following:

Be wary of protecting your prayers: Many people who are fasting are slack in maintaining their prayers despite it […]

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The Excellence of the Fast

The Messenger of Allah encouraged the fasting of the following days

Fasting the six days of Shawwaal as the Prophet (sal-Allahu 'alyhe wa sallam) said:
"Whoever fasts Ramadan and then follows it up with (any) six (days of fasting) in Shawwaal then it would be as if he has fasted the (whole) year"
[Transmitted by Muslim […]

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